Skills and Experiences (i.e., Relevant Business Jargon)

I bring both creative vision and strategic pragmatism to a wide range of business contexts and questions. I have experience:

  • Generating and synthesizing creative ideas
  • Building an innovation pipeline
  • Formulating research plans and user studies
  • Designing experiences (analog and digital)
  • Developing, deploying and measuring brand/community engagement strategy
  • Guiding digital strategy
  • Storytelling & content development
  • Architecting social impact strategies for brands and businesses
  • Clarifying internal brand story
  • Growing new initiatives
  • Cultivating strategic partnerships
  • Driving sales and business development
  • Leading projects and client relationships
  • Managing interdisciplinary teams
  • Fostering a creative environment and alignment across departments
  • Curating and facilitating creative workshops and ideation sessions
  • Steering product teams

I've had the chance to work with some pretty great teams.

Communities I’m proud to be a part of: